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06 octobre 2010

Studies & plans

Alright folks!

It's been a month now since I started my master in France, and I have to say, it's a bit more difficult!

I passed my BSc(hons) and my French degree, all of that in the same year.. I'm proud lol..

Since the last post I've made in this blog, nothing has changed I believe. My training is over, I've passed my diplomas and I've moved. Oh yeah! I've moved! lol

Since my master is on the side of France, I had to move to another uni room lol Oh well, student life after all!
The master I'm doing is actually an Engineer diplome but with the LMD reform, it had to change into a master.. sucks!

As for my 'internet life', I had some promotion in ES, closed my Twitter account for good.

Plan are now, succeed the master and in December I might go back to the Sultanat of Oman once again. Though I'm not that sure about it, I need to make my mind up..

Time will tell!

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