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06 octobre 2010

Studies & plans

Alright folks!

It's been a month now since I started my master in France, and I have to say, it's a bit more difficult!

I passed my BSc(hons) and my French degree, all of that in the same year.. I'm proud lol..

Since the last post I've made in this blog, nothing has changed I believe. My training is over, I've passed my diplomas and I've moved. Oh yeah! I've moved! lol

Since my master is on the side of France, I had to move to another uni room lol Oh well, student life after all!
The master I'm doing is actually an Engineer diplome but with the LMD reform, it had to change into a master.. sucks!

As for my 'internet life', I had some promotion in ES, closed my Twitter account for good.

Plan are now, succeed the master and in December I might go back to the Sultanat of Oman once again. Though I'm not that sure about it, I need to make my mind up..

Time will tell!

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09 juin 2010

Back to France

Yes, yes.. I'm updating it .. lol

As the title says, I'm back from Swansea.. back home!

I came back on the 29th, and the trip from Swansea to Portsmouth was EPIC!! really..
We got stuck in some traffic jam in the middle of the M4.. pff.. How can you possibly call these motorways.. seriously?!!

Anyway, we were a bit late for the check-in (like 15 minutes already :o )..
I was driving, since my mother does not want to drive in the UK, and I had to speed up a bit :p (needed to catch up!)
She was freaking out to be honest! which was FUN, haha !

When we reached the port, the woman told us, "right on time, I was about to close" !!

Back in France,
I started my placement on the 31st (yes, 2 days after coming back)..
So for now, I'm working in a company called "Elle & Vire", they are specialised in the collect of milk in farms and they also are producing dairy products..
Working in this company till the 3rd of September and on the 6th of September, I'm starting my master ! hopefully!! :D

Work is fine, my boss told me.. you come and go as you wishes as long as your work is done :D
Even though sometimes I have to do overtime (unpaid of course), it's quite fun

Anyway.. I guess that's all for today.. (and for the coming months lol)

See ya guys, love ya'll! xx

PS: I hope I'll pass my BSc.. lol

23 octobre 2009

Uni's life in Swansea

Oh dear!
I'm in Swansea since what ? one month and a half? I'm already missing my friends! I know it's a great experience and all but still...
Now, the uni in the United Kingdom is quite strange or let's say different from France!
Here you can CHOOSE which module you're going to take, which in France you don't have the choice AT ALL! lol
Here, also, when you miss a class, there is no big deal, back in France when you miss one single class, the lecturer will make a big fuss out of it if you pop up and say "I did not wake up".
Talking about it, just the fact that arriving late at a lecture would piss off a lecturer, but here, you don't even have to ask whether you can 'enter' or not, you just come and sit. A simple 'sorry mate' to the lecturer and it's fine!
Now do this in France... you're in big troubles lol
"mate" ... "mate"... this is quite unreal for me.. I'm used to called my lecturer Mr ... Mme ... and so on..

Now, the best part of it.. 8 HOURS PER WEEK !!!!!!! I love this bit !
last year I had, roughly, 38 hours per week.. + the assignments and all..
Yeah, that's really the best part of it! even though now, I have a dissertation to submit.. well I have to get started first I guess :p

But anyway, 8 hours per week leaves you quite a lot of time to... work ? nah! ... PARTYYYYY lol =)

Anyway, I'll to keep you updated about what's going on over here.. I'll try ma best I sweat
Love ya'll! xx

21 février 2009

French people

I've recently found out something .. lol
One of my friend was writing something in English, writing her thoughts (about her relationship with her bf)..
Anyway, she showed me and I told her that she's done some mistakes.. I know my English isn't perfect and all but this was full mistakes such as "you is.." or "He tryed.." stuff like that you know..
I took my lead pencil and corrected the mistakes .. to help her out .. and she kinda went mad at me saying that I have no clues about the English language that I should better go back to school to learn it and all .. THAT was shocking lol .. I mean .. I correct her mistakes .. and she puts them back because I suck in English... I was speechless, honestly!
Anyway, just had a whole week of holidays.. and still not enough ! :-(
Everyone is having 2 weeks, but we, at uni, we only have a single week ! what a shaaame lol
Back to uni on Monday .. oh well... "life goes on"

29 décembre 2008


I was tagged by 3T ... so here are the answers :p
  1. List down 5 things people probably didn't know about you
  2. Tag at least three people

5 things people probably didn't know about me:

2. I'm a fast driver (lol?)
3. Next year, I'll be going abroad to study
4. I wanna visit loads of countries around the world .. except KSA :p
5. I'm eager to see the next Harry Potter .. xD

I tag :

30 juillet 2008


It's been a really long while since I've updated this blog..
I do update my French blog but not that one.. strangely

summer summer summer.. we all love it when it comes, but yet, I'm hating it .. You know .. the weather is too warm for me, lol. Where I'm living, we always have a rainy & cloudy weather.. Maybe that's why I'm used to low temp. lol. Anyway, summer holidays are here to earn some money before going back to uni .. I'm working in a company that processes frozen foods, that means minus 23°Celsius (-23°C) !!! yeah yeah you read it right lol ..
I'm loving it to be honest, for some people I'm crazy, but ... it's just the right temp :p
Though, I'm not 24/7 in it, I'm working in an office as a "logistics assistant" .. lol and the official name for this job is "administrative agent of logistics" but to me it looks too ... hmm.. like I'm showing-off ... I'm kinda loving this job ^^

Anyway.. I hope I'll have some real vacations ! like going abroad with friends :D

Cheers all

Luv ya'll, xoxo

22 mars 2008


it was such a great trip !
will do it again.. in winter :p

28 mai 2007


i've been accepted !!!

22 avril 2007


ok it's been a while since my last update, and i have to say that nothing is really interesting enough to put it here.
the only thing new in my life is a girl lol so i won't talk about that here ^^
and these days are not the best i'll spend 'cause all my exams are coming so fast :s
i hate that but we have to do them to obtain our diploma ... and soon university *bouh* it's gonna be hard (hopefully not), plus i'm not sure to be taken there ... there are already 60 demand and only ~30 places :s !
i think that's all i can say for the moment lol *will be back later*

04 mars 2007


ok, not that i care about if you put ur name or not when u post a comment... but *please* when u do so dont put any link to any porn site

i'll delete any comments that have that kind of links... dont get me bored :)